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Drip Sole Sauce Bundle - 64oz

Drip Sole Sauce Bundle - 64oz

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In this bundle you’ll receive (2) 32oz bottles equalling to a total of 64oz. 

Drip Sole Sauce - Rated The Best Sole Sauce For Unyellowing Shoes

Drip Sole Sauce has been rated, "The Best Sole Sauce On The Market" by many Sneakerheads around the world. It's the
#1 advanced deoxidizing formula that restores soles back to their original color. This premium product revives & whitens even the yellowest sneakers in just 5 simple steps Saving Soles, 1 Pair At A Time!


Estimated Restores: (depends on condition)

4oz - 2-3 pairs   8oz - 4-5 pairs

18oz - 8-10 pairs 32oz - 16-18 pairs

CAN BE USED ON: Translucent Rubber Soles, Glow-in-the-dark Soles, Rubber Soles/Midsoles (White & Grey), and Rubber Toe Caps.


How do you use sole sauce? How to unyellow soles?

STEP 1: Thoroughly clean soles, getting rid of all dirt/grime.

STEP 2: Scrub soles with cotton rounds & q tips dipped in acetone.

STEP 3: Apply medium coat of sauce to the soles. Cover with saran wrap.

STEP 4: Place in UV light. Leave under sun for 6 hours or 24 hours if using an indoor light.

STEP 5: Clean off old sauce &repeat Steps 3 & 4 until you reach the desired results. Results may vary on condition of the shoes as well as your light source.


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Customer Reviews

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Josh Fisher
Incredible experience

The customer service was next level, the team answered all of my questions with little to no wait time. The sole sauce is absolutely incredible. It worked miracles on a pair I had just about given up on after 3 sessions of icing with other products. Get your Sole Sauce asap!